This week Paul and I returned from a two-week long culinary and cultural journey through Cambodia, with our favorite soup slinger and good pal, Nite of Nyum Bai (that means eat rice! in Khmer). We did a big loop from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap to Battambang and finally down to Kep and Kampot. It was fascinating seeing this country developing so rapidly and recovering from a rough history filled with power, colonization, poverty and tragedy. Our experience showcased the Khmers' bright spirit of resilience and joy in every encounter. They are holding on to their prized music, food and cultural traditions, even with the country's accelerated pace of change. Check out our vivid collection of photos, videos and gifs of energetic Phnom Penh, the country side and lots and lots of food on instagram with #nyumbaiincambodia