I went to Norway (and Denmark) and all I got was an awesome Yayoi Kusama experience. Many selfies, friends!

Forget yourself. Become one with eternity. Become part of your environment.

The exhibit at the HOK in Oslo was sort of a retrospective and featured a spectacular collection of works showcasing her range, evolution and integration into mainstream culture. I really enjoyed her textile/fashion pieces and paintings. All of her works were incredible, but as expected, the infinity rooms were the best feature. 

We also saw the Gleaming Lights of the Souls at the Louisiana in Copenhagen. This one was by far my favorite, the water on the ground really amped up the reflection. You'll have to forgive my blurry pictures and phone covering my face, it's not easy getting a good photo (especially with technology so antiquated as the iPhone 5). I really loved how the panoramas came out, the CPH infinity room is especially cool since you see the whole color spectrum in bands as I moved the camera.